Kimmy Granger, Alli Rae, Brandi Love – Moms Teach Sex The Wild Card


This scene from Moms Teach Sex gets right into the action with girl talk. Alli Rae, Kimmy Granger & Brandi Love talk about dick size & of course, get curious about Damon’s. Watch what happens when they see that his dick is huge. The young ladies or the sexy MILF can’t help to get to work on that huge piece of man meat. See the wildness here at Forbidden Playground XXX. Brandi Love, Kimmy Granger & Alli Rae star in Moms Teach Sex The Wild Card.

Damon Dice Has Fun With A Foursome – Moms Teach Sex The Wild Card

Kimmy Granger and Alli Rae are playing a game with Damon Dice when Alli’s step mom Brandi Love joins them. Damon gets uncomfortable when the girls start talking about penis size, and he is truly stunned into silence when they decide to see whether his cock is a big one. When all three girls start undressing him, Damon can only go with the flow. Soon Kimmy has pulled Damon’s hardening dick from his boxers.

Brandi decides to give an impromptu blowjob lesson to help Kimmy bring him up to full size. After getting the younger girls’ shirts off, Brandi orders them down on their knees. Both women start to suck Damon at the same time. While Alli starts deep throating Damon’s dick, Brandi and Kimmy work on undressing each other. Once they’re both naked, they join Alli on the ground. Alli shares her fuck stick so that they can all suck him off and work on their deep throating skills.

Brandi Love, Alli Rae & Kimmy Granger Are Going To Blow Damon’s Mind During Sex – Moms Teach Sex

Settling Damon down on the couch with Alli still working him with her mouth, Kimmy and Brandi change tactics and go for Alli’s pussy instead. Brandi gets Kimmy settled eating Alli out and using her fingers to take the blonde’s tight little twat to a whole new level of pleasure, and then scoots down to mimic those movements on Kimmy’s cock hungry snatch. Wanting to give Kimmy something even hotter, Brandi soon coaxes the younger girl onto the couch so that she can eat Kimmy out while finger fucking Alli’s twat.

That kicks off a pussy feast and everyone is invited! The girls take turns eating each other out, with one of them always putting their mouth to work on Damon’s fuck stick. When Alli has finally grown too horny to wait, she climbs onto Damon’s lap and slides her juicy twat down onto his dick so that she can go for a ride while Kimmy and Brandi continue to pleasure each other’s twats.

These Ladies Have Damon Ready For The Climax Of His Life – Moms Teach Sex The Wild Card

Eventually Brandi and Kimmy each replace Alli, taking their turn getting their pussies thoroughly pounded. As much fun as all three girls are having, eventually their good times must come to an end when their stud works himself up to his inevitable climax. Pulling out of Kimmy’s creamy fuck hole, Damon lets Brandi and Alli use their hands to bring him over the edge so that he covers Kimmy in his creamy cum. As they all cool down from their lovemaking binge, the girls exchange salty kisses and play with Damon’s jizz.

Date: January 5, 2018

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