Blacked Brandi Love Rob Piper I Couldn’t Help Myself


Brandi Love is an incredibly hot MILF. She is sexy, but as she has matured, she is as hot as ever, if not more. This summer, Brandi is going to be alone for a while. Her husband, while awesome at being there for her & pleasing her, is gone for a while. He is away on business & won’t get home until the end of the summer. That is way too much time for Brandi to go without some hot sex. A woman of her caliber deserves huge, great cock every day if possible. Her stepdaughter is having friends over, so she thinks her sex drought might be short lived. See all of the dirty, naughty fun in Blacked Brandi Love Rob Piper I Couldn’t Help Myself here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Brandi Love Lets Her Stepdaughter Have Her Boyfriend Over For The Night –  Blacked Brandi Love Rob Piper I Couldn’t Help Myself

Her stepdaughter, Victoria, met a nice guy at college. His name is Rob Piper, and he was very kind to her. The young man shows respect to his girlfriend & to Brandi. He has a good head on his shoulders. As they all get comfortable, Brandi is overcome by the fact that he has an amazing body. He works out a ton at college, and Brandi knew Victoria was constantly getting great sex. Before Rob met Brandi, Victoria would share some of their hot sex stories, and it would turn her stepmom on. Some days, Brandi would give Victoria hands on sex exercises.

Sometimes Victoria would overhype how good the sex was, but Brandi felt this was different. She felt like this guy could be taking her to places sexually that she had never experienced. Before college, Brandi taught Victoria a few sex tricks to use at college through watching some videos. Brandi coaches Victoria sometimes on some tricks to try. Those tricks definitely worked as she brought home one of the hottest men that Brandi Love had ever laid eyes on. She loved his tattoos, muscles, & nice personality.


Brandi Love Interracial Sex With Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend Rob Piper

While he had a pleasant personality, in the back of her mind, she wondered how he would be with her in bed. It had been years since Brandi was in an interracial relationship, so she forgot what having a big, black cock in her tight, wet pussy was really like. Today, she would definitely find out.

After the introduction, Brandi Love is getting some one on one time with Rob. Victoria went to a meeting & would be gone for the afternoon. Rob Piper was a bit nervous being around his future potential stepmom. He had a good feeling with Brandi. This guy has a bit more of a sexual attraction to Brandi than he does to Victoria. While they are sitting on the patio, the beautiful blonde realizes that she can’t hold back from her feelings when it comes to Rob. While he is talking to her, he just can’t help but notice that she is staring at his crotch.

Brandi Love & Rob Piper Move Inside For Private Fun

On the same note, he can’t help but look at her amazing ass & breasts. These two can’t hold back from each other anymore. They start to make out & get a feel for each other’s bodies. Brandi Love comes very new to the interracial dating world. She has always been interested in black men, but Rob Piper brings the entire package that she knew her daughter wasn’t fully ready for right now. As mentioned earlier, she has been in an interracial relationship in the past, but not since she has gotten older. But in her mind, this isn’t about the relationship. This is about the sex & getting truly pleased in ways she hasn’t in years.

While they were outside on the patio, after the kiss, Rob Piper massages Brandi’s hot ass & back. He gets her incredibly hot when his soft, yet strong hands caress her body. As the action continues, these two go inside because the action is getting hot. Brandi Love is going to have her luck changed today. She has never taken big black cock before. That all changes today. This MILF fucks like a machine, and she is getting a guy that can hang with her.


Brandi Love Takes First Big Black Cock – Blacked Brandi Love Rob Piper I Couldn’t Help Myself

When the two move inside, she immediately goes for his dick. She is absolutely amazed at the sheer size & girth of his member. Rob Piper was nearly twice the size of her husband. Brandi has almost completely forgotten she has a husband. Furthermore, she has forgotten that her daughter has a boyfriend. Right now, all that matters is that she is going to be given the pounding of her life.

Rob puts Brandi’s legs straight up & back, slowly inserting his massive schlong inside of her. First very slowly to get this sexy MILF cougar used to getting stretched out, then as time goes on, the intensity picks up more & more. After a while, Rob is bringing full force into the tight pussy of Brandi Love in the missionary position. When that was completed, Brandi jumps on top of Rob’s cock. She shows she can ride with the best of them. She bounces hard & works her amazing ass on his cock over & over.

Brandi Loves Takes The Big Black Cock Harder – Blacked Brandi Love Rob Piper I Couldn’t Help Myself

After the ride, Brandi is face down, ass up. In that position, she gets hammered with Rob’s thick hammer. He goes in doggystyle & gives her a thick pounding, with that dick going very deep into her hole. This hot MILF is getting the sex she felt she always deserved. She gets the sex that she feels that her husband wasn’t providing. No mistake however, his sex is amazing, and he knows what he’s doing. However, no matter what, size can’t be duplicated.

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Date: January 8, 2018