Brandi Love Brandi’s Happy Ending During Massage BangBros


    Juan & his girlfriend are having a home massage today. Masseuse Brandi Love brings her table & works on both people. The lady first, and then him. Well, today will feature a massage neither Brandi or Juan will ever forget. When the girlfriend wakes up, who knows what will happen when she catches Brandi & Juan having silent sex. Too bad for her – she can’t get it done like Brandi can. See Brandi’s Happy Ending During Massage here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

    Brandi Love Gets Juan Ready For Some Relaxing Fun – Brandi’s Happy Ending

    Brandi sets up the table & gets his lady comfortable. While she is face down and covered in a mask, Brandi motions over to Juan that she wants to have sex on the table next to her. The trick is that she has to be incredibly quiet because the girlfriend isn’t fully asleep yet. Juan doesn’t fully know what to think about this, but he can’t possibly pass up a hot cougar like Brandi Love. No way, no how.

    Brandi & Juan start making out & then she gets him on top of the table. When he is on the table, the fun truly begins. She starts by getting him out of his pants. When out of the pants, she notices Juan is fully hard. She started the teasing a bit earlier when she was massaging his girlfriend. Brandi was showing off her amazing ass & giving him a good tease & show before the massage really began. Juan never knew what hit him.

    Juan Experiences True Brandi Love Massage Therapy – Cock Riding & Sucking.

    When Juan is on the table, Brandi gets him out of his pants, as mentioned earlier. She starts to suck down his huge, young cock. She makes sure that he doesn’t make a single word or his girlfriend will wake up. This sexy MILF cougar starts riding him front & back, and just driving him absolutely crazy. The scene ends when Brandi Love gives him a hot handjob to make the young guy cum hard. As he cums, his girlfriend wakes up & catches them in the act.

    She thought she would get a happy ending. Brandi says “some of us did.”

    Date: January 15, 2018

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