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    Veronica Avluv is a very busy woman. She has tons of meetings with her clients, among other events for work. Chad White has been an awesome babysitter for her daughter. He is aware of everything & makes sure she is comforted all the time. After babysitting today, Veronica decides to give Chad a financial tip, as well as a sex tip. Veronica always had an eye on Chad through his high school years. She noticed his hot body, great smile & wondered what he was packing in the cock department. Tonight, she is coming home early from her work, and her daughter is asleep. The special thank you is going to get very sexual. Check out the scene, Other Way Around featuring Veronica Avluv & Chad White, here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

    Veronica Avluv Ready To Fuck Chad White Senseless – Brazzers – Other Way Around

    Veronica called Chad on her way home & told him to get comfortable. Chad was a bit confused by this because he thought he would still be on the clock if he stayed longer than the agreement. Veronica assured him that he would be getting a good tip. She came home & rushed upstairs quickly. Chad was still incredibly confused at the situation. While sitting on the couch, he hears the footsteps coming up behind him.

    Veronica is in a sexy leather bra with high boots on. Her huge boobs looked amazing in the bra all pushed up. The boots brought her sexiness to an entirely different level. Chad had no idea he would get to have his dream come true – have hot sex with his hot MILF neighbor. Veronica gets right in front of Chad & starts to give him a hot lapdance. His cock almost instantly becomes as hard as a rock. She knows this & invites him to come upstairs. As they both go upstairs, he keeps thinking to try & make sure not to instantly lose his load immediately.

    Chad had always masturbated at home at the thought of Veronica Avluv fucking him. None of the other women at his school turned him on as much as she does. Going up the stairs, Veronica was almost dragging him by his bulging cock in his pants. When they get to the bedroom, she instantly gets out of her clothes & out of his & starts sucking on his huge, hung cock.

    After the cock is fully hard, Chad starts to get Veronica’s sexy thick ass from behind. Pounding & pounding, Chad knows that the big cumload is rushing. He keeps it up for a bit longer, but after a while, he just has to let go. This young man completely soaks Veronica’s face & breasts with his load of hot, sticky cum.


    What a tip. Check out the fun in this scene, Other Way Around, by Veronica Avluv & Chad White, here at Brazzers.

    Date: January 21, 2018

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