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Lucas Frost has a big night tonight. He has a date with the gorgeous Jericha Jem, and he has big plans in store for this beautiful girl. He comes over to the house & her stepmom, Reagan Foxx, welcomes him in. Reagan had an incredible tight dress on that shows off all her curves. Her ass was amazing & boobs were massive in this outfit. Check out the Moms Teach Sex Reagan Foxx Jericha Jem Did You Fuck My Mom scene available now at Forbidden Playground XXX.

All of a sudden, Lucas had to get to the bathroom. While he was in there, he started rubbing out a nut to relax a bit. The stepmom has gotten the best of him! Well, little did he know that Reagan was spying on him in that bathroom.

Stepmom MILF Reagan Foxx Helps Lucas Frost Release Tension – Moms Teach Sex Reagan Foxx Jericha Jem Did You Fuck My Mom

When Reagan walks in on him, she offers to give him some help. Lucas ends up with his face smothered by her huge breasts. While his face is there, Reagan begins to take over the already hard cock & strokes him. After she gets up feeling like steel, she gets on her knees & starts sucking his cock. This hot MILF takes down nearly his entire shaft before she wraps her huge tits around his dick. Nothing like a good titty fuck to get the mood right.

Reagan bends her hot ass over the sink for a doggystyle pounding. For a while, Lucas forgot he was even going on a date. He has always had a crush on Reagan Foxx, even from when he would see her pick up Jericha from school. She was his true MILF stepmom fantasy woman. They finish up & the date begins with Jericha.


Lucas Frost Finally Goes On Date With Jericha Jem

When these two finally get on their date, things heat up quickly. Lucas is already sexually charged up from his encounter earlier in the evening, so he begins making out with Jericha. When Jericha goes down to suck his cock, she notices that his dick tastes like her stepmom, Reagan!

You may ask how she knows this? Well, Reagan has been teaching Jericha from fun sex tricks on the side. There has always been a hot lesbian connection between the two, and with Reagan’s husband – Jericha’s dad – gone so much for work, there is time for play. They have tasted each other’s sweet pussies many nights to relieve the sexual tension both of them have.

Jericha, being very familiar with the taste of her stepmom, leaves quickly to get her stepmom. She isn’t upset, however. She wants tips on how to properly suck her boyfriend’s cock. Jericha wants to get him to the same sexual climax that her stepmom was able to succeed with.

Stepmom MILF Reagan Foxx & Girlfriend Jericha Jem Share Lucas Frost’s Big, Young Cock – Moms Teach Sex Reagan Foxx Jericha Jem Did You Fuck My Mom

These lovely ladies decide to share in having sex with Lucas. Jericha made it clear that she wanted tips from Reagan on how to do a blowjob & how to ride him. Jericha also wanted to see her hot MILF tits bounce as she’s fucking him hard. After Reagan gets off from riding him, they switch positions & its Jericha’s turn. Reagan guides her in riding the cock the right way & being comfortable with a massive hard stifie.

Jericha Jem picked up on this idea quickly. She warmed up to having Lucas’s hard, thick cock pulsating through her tight, wet, juicy pussy. When she started getting into rhythm, she was damn near an expert at it. She was so focused on having Lucas hit her hot spot & doing everything her stepmom was showing her.

After that, it was time for some lesbian action as Jericha gets on top of Reagan for some 69 & normal sex action. While Lucas was pleasing Jericha will pounding her ass, he finally shoots his massive load all over Jericha’s sexy, tight ass & Reagan’s smooth sexy vagina.

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Date: January 23, 2018