Davina Davis – House Call – Blacked


Sexy brunette Davina Davis is a home nurse for athletes. She is used to seeing & meeting all kinds of athletes. Many of them are kinda assholes that she comes up against, but there are a few who are awesome. Right now, one of the really good ones is a client of hers. Jason Luvv is one of the best basketball players in the league right now. He is on the shelf with a major injury & off the court. Davina has been going over to his house to help him rehab. During the times over, she has developed a hot crush on Jason. She loves seeing his sexy body & would love to know what he is packing downstairs.

Jason is going through a breakup right now, so he is very raw. Davina might take the opportunity to make a move today.


Davina Davis Makes House Call – Blacked

Today, she goes over to do her usual rehab, but is dressed up a bit special. After the rehab, they are laying on the bed talking & she admits that she has the hots for him. Jason reveals that he feels strong about her too. He thinks Davina is incredibly sexy & wants to go out with her. The athlete worries about crossing lines with doctor/patient relationship, but Davina doesn’t care. She has fallen for this guy & she wants to truly experience all he has to offer.

She starts to kiss on him & unzip his pants. Davina knows all of his hot spots from working on him for so long. She has him all kinds of hard and Jason Luv hard is truly a sight to see. She mounts him & sucks on his throbbing, thick cock. As she does, she knows he is ready to mount her & pound the daylights out of her, but she worries about his injury.

She gets on top & rides him so he could relax for a bit. No harm in that as she enjoys feeling his huge, hard cock hitting all kinds of areas inside of her. A bit more sex & Davina Davis & Jason Luv are both having hot orgasms.


Davina might be making more house calls even when Jason’s rehab is over. See this fun scene in this BLACKED video at Forbidden Playground XXX.



Date: January 29, 2018
Actors: Davina Davis

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    1. She needs surgery on those lips, that’s why she on vacation per her twitter. But implants like the one in bottom lip. So bad!!

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