PureMature – Veronica Rayne Having Extramarital Massage Sex


    Veronica Rayne needs a good massage today. So much has been going on with friends & family, and she needs a day for herself. She calls over her masseuse, and she has been preparing for his arrival. Veronica sports a sexy black dress, showing off her incredibly hot body. This young guy is going to be a lucky man to rub her down & possibly please her sexually. Great sex is on the way in this Pure Mature scene featuring Veronica Rayne.

    Veronica Rayne Not Having Good Sex From Husband – Pure Mature – Forbidden Playground XXX

    Veronica knows she needs time to herself to feel sexually pleased & relaxed. Her husband has not been able to keep up with her sexual drive. She is hitting her sex peak right now & not even Viagra can get her man fired up. She feels that he takes her forgranted. They have been married 20 years, and over the last 4 years, the sex has not been good at all. This sexy cougar has been working to keep the marriage a float. They go to counseling together & try different sex activities to bring them closer.

    Nothing is working right now. Veronica tries one last time to get her husband ready for sex. He says no & she is too much to handle. Veronica knows she has an amazing body. Her legs, breasts & ass are tremendous. Any guy around would be so lucky to have even one night with her. However, her husband is not understanding that idea. He has seen her everyday for years & Veronica thinks that he has gotten bored, or there could be another woman. Either way, she knows that she deserves better. She deserves to have the best relationship possible. Veronica deserves the best sex she can get.

    There have been times when Veronica has asked him if he still loves her. He says yes, but his actions – and penis hardness – tells different stories. Veronica loves to dress up & feel sexy, and he does not give the full attention that a woman of her beauty truly deserves.


    Veronica Rayne Massage Sex – Pure Mature – Forbidden Playground XXX

    Knowing everything going on with her husband, Veronica needs a change. She needs sexual pleasure & relaxation in the worst way. She calls up her masseuse and she knows her masseuse is a hot guy. Veronica gets her massage, but also gets some amazing sex as well. The sex, however, is far better than what her husband provides, even during the early years of their marriage & dating years. However, the buildup gets better & better.

    The massage gets hotter & hotter. He does a great job of using his strong, big hands to relax her muscles. All of the pent up sexual frustration along with marriage stress has made her muscles very tense. As he works her body over, her body gets that tingle. The tingle meaning that her sexual juices are flowing. The juices that means that if he puts his hands in the right area, he is going to unleash a sex craze that he can’t imagine.

    Well, he does, and the sex is outstanding.

    Date: February 10, 2018
    Actors: Veronica Rayne

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