Nicolette Shea – Business With Pleasure


Real estate agent Nicolette Shea just helped Keiran Lee buy his first house. There is constant sexual tension between the two, but Keiran is married. The tension continues to grow, however. Nicolette loves his body, his style, and his comforting ways towards her. He treats her incredibly well, far better than her man does. She is thinking about possibly mixing business with pleasure.

She believes that her husband doesn’t fully appreciate her & her work. Because of all the work she & Keiran has had to do to be approved for the house, they spend lots of hours together. Some weeks, Keiran sees Nicolette more than he does his own wife.

Nicolette & Keiran have both been respectful of each other’s marriages. However, the sexual energy & tension is getting harder to ignore. Today, the realtor & client will find a way to have some good love making.

Real Estate Agent MILF Nicolette Shea Business With Pleasure Mixing – Forbidden Playground XXX

Keiran brings his wife over to see their new house. Of course, the wife has to be a fan of it before the full sale is done. However, that part is incredibly easy. She loves it & is a complete fan of it. Nicolette’s assistant shows her into other areas of the home & the neighborhood while Keiran & Nicolette finish up paperwork.

Nicolette Shea & Keiran Lee are mixing business with pleasure today. The two sneak off into one of the bedrooms & end up having some hot sex while everyone is gone. They have hot sex in random areas of the home. The tension betwen the two just can’t hold off anymore. Nicolette has been checking out Keiran’s body for a while. She thought about sex earlier when they met, but her licenses as a real estate agent could get revoked. Sex on the job with a client is a major offense that leads to firing.

When Keiran’s wife comes back, she knows nothing of what has happened. Keiran cleans up nicely & Nicolette covers up her insanely hot body & massive breasts in her blouse. There may be more paperwork Keiran needs to meet with Nicolette about in the next few weeks. Some mixed business with pleasure could be on the horizon for Nicolette Shea & her favorite client, Keiran Lee.


Nicolette Shea Getting Ahead As Real Estate Agent

Nicolette Shea has always been one of the sexiest women around. She has decided that now that her kids are older, she wants to get into the world of real estate. She knows she has the brains (Ivy League graduate) and the beauty to make great money in this world.

The one issue she has working against her is her insane sexual drive. Her bosses have told her that sexual actions with clients or potential clients is absolutely wrong. But she has been on a run of meeting clients that she just can’t keep her hands off of. They are incredibly attractive & are attracted to her. She has to make sure to keep her head on straight in these situations. But, there are times when its difficult, especially because her husband is not giving her the proper sex she truly deserves.

Keiran had been looking for an agent for a while. Furthermore, he is looking to possibly get his love life back on track due to working like crazy lately. This house is a new beginning for he & his wife. He just wasn’t expecting that his real estate agent to be incredibly gorgeous.


Date: February 13, 2018
Actors: Nicolette Shea

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