Nikki Benz & Amy Anderssen – School & Teachers Suck


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Teacher Amy Anderssen & Her New Breasts – School & Teachers Suck – Brazzers – Forbidden Playground XXX

Teacher Ms. Amy Anderssen has been wanting to change up her look recently. She wants to enhance herself & just do something nice for her. Amy has been working like crazy getting her teaching degree the last few years. Her dating life has been okay, but she wants to be a bit sexier. Most of the teachers in her building are not incredibly hot, and she does not want to be a part of that group. The only person who is really hot is actually her boss, the dean – Nikki Benz. She doesn’t feel like she wants to make a move on the dean, however. With every thing going on in the world with teachers & students, the last thing Amy wants is to get fired for getting spicy with Nikki.

Amy takes some time away & gets a boob job done. Her breasts are already huge, but now they are massive. Though bigger than she likes, she loves the attention she’s receiving from other teachers and the male students. However, one student is rubbing her the wrong way. Jessy Jones has always been the class clown. He has been making jokes about her huge breasts since she has come back to work. Today, he has taken the insults to a new level & Amy, though she is a fun, relaxed teacher, is not having it anymore.

Amy Anderssen Takes Jessy Jones To Deans Office To See Nikki Benz – Forbidden Playground XXX

When Jessy gets to the dean’s office, Nikki Benz is waiting for him. Nikki also has huge breasts & she will not put up with any disrespect when it comes to talking about sex or teacher’s breasts. Amy wants to head back to her classroom, but Nikki tells her to stay in the office for a bit. A substitute teacher comes in to watch the classroom as other students wonder what is going on & why Ms. Anderssen has been gone for so long.

Normally, she would be back in the classroom immediately, especially because she loves teaching & working with the kids. Plus, she knows that the guys in the classroom love looking at her hot body & huge breasts. The office time today is going to be a bit longer & more involved than normal. Nikki has the hots for Amy & has for a long time. She has wanted to have sex with Amy for a while, even during retreats with other teachers & administrators. However, Nikki has to always be professional as the dean of a school. Amy feels the same about her as well, but she doesn’t want her job to be terminated, either.

Both have something in common, however. They think Jessy is hot, even though he is a clown. Most times, its the funny, goofy ones who are the hottest. He has a hot body, great looks, and he does make the teachers & students laugh.

Amy Anderssen & Nikki Benz Get Jessy Jones In Line With Sex

Amy & Nikki decide that the best way to make Jessy shut up with jokes is to get him right in the face. They decide to shove their huge, beautiful breasts right in his face. His head is submerged with breasts. The ladies also realize that Jessy could be acting out because of him truly finding his sexual self right now. He has a girlfriend, but she is not ready for sex yet.

The teachers talk to each other & realize that a hot threesome is the proper way to go. He has to be able to relax his mind & body in order to be a better student. They take turns sucking on his surprisingly huge cock, and he gets lessons on sex with hot cougars. By the time they are finished with him, Jessy is completely in line, and knows as long as he gives great sex, his grades will be excellent.

Date: February 13, 2018

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