Pure Mature – Ava Addams Massage Sex & Body Rub


Forbidden Playground XXX features this fun Pure Mature scene featuring hot MILF Ava Addams. Ava gets a hot body rub from her masseuse, who she has the hots for. See the fun craziness now in this Ava Addams massage sex scene.

Pure Mature – Ava Addams Massage & Body Rub

Ava Addams needs some fun relaxation today. She has to get her body right after working so much lately. Her boyfriend is driving her crazy & today, Ava is not dealing with his shit. She calls up her young masseuse to come over and work on her for a bit. Ava has some history with the guy – at times they are fuck buddies just to relax each other. He has a great body & mind to keep Ava Addams interested.

Ava wants some sex with the massage, but she is conflicted. Her boyfriend has a great cock & can deliver it, but his attitude is annoying. She knows that he is a good guy, but she needs more. This hot cougar needs more of the sensual, seductive side. Her masseuse, Vince, brings that.

Vince, in many ways is a momma’s boy. He is still tough, but respects & loves women greatly. Vince has a connection with Ava that has grown over the years. She knows that he is a guy who deserves an amazing woman. Vince is currently single, and has no problem getting some of Ava’s hot body anytime she calls him. In their neighborhood, this masseuse is known for his hot happy endings to cougar women in the area.

Ava sets up her appointment for around 10:00 A.M. in the morning, once her boyfriend is off to work. This situation will get very fun for Ava & Vince.

Ava Addams Massage Sex – Pure Mature – Forbidden Playground XXX

Vince comes over, and Ava is completely ready. She is dressed in very little clothing & her body is aching for his hands & cock. He starts to rub her body down on the table he sets up. Vince knows that Ava paid for an hour, but today, he is giving her all afternoon until he absolutely has to leave. He knows how to not get caught by husbands & boyfriends very well. He knows with his dick skills, he could absolutely ruin a relationship.

Vince talks to Ava about what she truly needs from this massage. Ava mentions that her boyfriend is annoying her & her home business is taking so much out of her right now. Vince responds with the idea that Ava needs more of an “executive package.” Ava said she only paid for the basic massage. Vince is throwing it in for free today because he wants to have some fun & sex with Ava as much as she does.

Time for some Ava Addams massage sex today. See the whole scene at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Date: February 13, 2018
Actors: Ava Addams

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