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Lisa Ann is one of the greatest MILF women of all time in porn. This classic scene shows how much cock Lisa can take. This scene shows her with her friend, Mick Blue. Not only is this an hour of anal sex, but tons of ass teasing as only Lisa can do. Get ready to admire her amazing ass & see her take a true pounding in this fun, wild scene at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Lisa Ann 60 Minutes Of Anal Sex

Is an hour a while for anal sex? Absolutely. Lucky for us porn fans, Lisa Ann has an ass that is out of this world. She makes sure to tease Mick Blue into a frenzy before the hardcore scene begins. Not only does Lisa do well with taking the cock, but kudos to Mick Blue for keeping it up with an amazing woman like her. No matter how much of a stud a guy is, it takes a true sex legend to hang in that long with this beautiful MILF.

The upclose POV view of Lisa Ann taking that huge cock is amazing. Nothing else in porn is as good as getting up close with Lisa looking right in your face, taking that cock. If someone can hold on without cumming for 60 minutes while watching, salutes to you. However, we feel as though you might need to watch this scene in a few sessions of masturbation.

See Lisa Ann 60 Minutes of Anal Sex here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Date: February 27, 2018
Actors: Lisa Ann / Mick Blue

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