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Vanessa Cage has always been a great stepmom for her stepson. She is always there to give him advice on pretty much anything, including sex. Recently, Vanessa has gone without sex from her husband. He says its because of work – Vanessa believes there could be another woman in the picture. Either way, Vanessa has to get the situation together. A woman who looks this amazing needs to to be getting laid almost every day. Today, her hot stepson may give her the dick she needs. If her husband is not willing to give up the cock, she knows her stepson will. The hot stepson gets seduced by stepmom here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Seduced By Stepmom – Vanessa Cage – Forbidden Playground XXX

Vanessa’s stepson wakes up a bit late this morning. She comes in to wake him up to get him going. As she takes him to school, all she can think about is that she loves his huge cock. Vanessa notes that her stepson’s cock is far bigger than her own husband. Instead of school today, Vanessa turns around & heads home. She said in the car that she needs some big cock now. Husband is away until around 8:00 p.m., meaning there is tons of time for fun. Vanessa Cage has always been there for her stepson, it is only right he is there for her, also.

Vanessa starts to suck on his huge cock after she lays him down. Her mouth is so amazing that he is absolutely roaring to go. Her pussy is so good that her stepson blows his huge load before it gets to her mouth. No worries there…Vanessa has made it a point to wake up extra early to make sure she gets her fill of cock from her stepson. She trains his dick to be long lasting & a true monster – something her husband just can’t get right.

See the seduced by stepmom scene featuring hot MILF Vanessa Cage now at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Date: February 27, 2018
Actors: Vanessa Cage

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