Blacked – Stepping Up For Mr. M – Ava Parker, Kira Noir & Mandingo


Ava Parker has just graduated from college. Like most college graduates, she does not have a clear view of what she wants to do with her life yet. She knows she wants to make some cash, but not sure exactly how to do it. Ava looks around & finds a job as a personal assistant with a hedge fund. She works from home & gets her orders directly from her boss, Mr. M, also known as Mandingo. When she first meets Mr. M, she realizes that he is absolutely gorgeous. Tall guy, built strong & looking at his bulge, she knows he has a massive black cock – something she has had interest in experiencing. Obviously, she is not going to try to go for her boss. Or is she? See Ava Parker stepping up for Mr. M here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Ava Parker Is Stepping Up For Mr. M – Blacked

Ava has been wondering what goes on behind the closed doors. She knows women come & go and always look satisfied, but she knows its not her business to question. Mr. M is a beautiful man, but she thinks more than just sex could be going on. If it is only sex, Ava wonders if she is going to be asked to have hot sex with him. She knows the women look sexually pleased when they come out of the office. Ava thinks about if Mr. M finds her hot enough for that “private” meeting.

Today, she learns that not only is she hot enough, but his female assistant, Kira Noir, thinks so also. See the scene Ava Parker Stepping Up For Mr. M here at Forbidden Playground XXX.


Date: March 5, 2018

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