Franceska James Is A Squirting Machine


    Hot MILF Franceska James loves to show off when she has great sex. She is one to let her guy know that the sex is amazing by having massive orgasms. This beautiful brunette can have multiple hard orgasms anytime she wants. In this hour long scene, Franceska gives everyone a real treat with her multiple squirting sessions while taking the huge cock of a young man. See the scene Franceska James Is A Squirting Machine here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

    Franceska James Is A Squirting Machine – Forbidden Playground XXX

    Franceska is going through a drought lately. She has not been getting a ton of sex from her guy & quite frankly, he can’t keep up with her drive. She wants a guy that can make her cum on command anytime, anywhere. Franceska goes online to see what guys are out there, and a hot guy responds. He comes with a lot of confidence in his sex abilities, but she has heard the big words before. So many guys who talk big normally can’t backup their words.

    He sends her a pic of his cock & she is intrigued. To make sure he truly has what she thinks he does, they do a live stream chat on their phones & she asks him to whip out his cock. He does & he is definitely telling the truth. Franceska is excited & now knows he can bring it with the dick & the sex. She knows he tells the truth about what he is packing. Turns out…..he tells the truth about the ability to bring women to squirting orgasms also.

    Date: March 11, 2018
    Actors: Franceska James

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