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Melissa Lynn is a hot MILF who has the house all to herself for a week. Her husband is away on a trip with his buddies & the stepkids are out of the house for summer. She decides to have some fun one afternoon with the pool guy. This pool guy is a college freshman who is trying to earn some extra money for the summer. The family knows him well & always does a great job around the backyard doing the pool work, and occasionally some lawn stuff. This day is a very warm day & Melissa is feeling lonely. She has talked to him on a few occasions, but only knows his hot body. Melissa feels him getting hard anytime she hugs him. This MILF knows he is packing a huge cock & today is the day to learn more about it. Watch the scene Pure Mature Melissa Lynn Ready & Waiting available now at Forbidden Playground XXX MILF Porn.

Watch Pure Mature Melissa Lynn Ready & Waiting at Forbidden Playground XXX MILF Porn

When Melissa decides she needs some sex, she wants it right then. When Ben, the pool boy, comes in to read the notes that typically tell him what needs to be done, he gets a different message. Melissa lets him know to meet her in the shower. Ben finds this a bit odd, but he will never turn down a sexy woman like her. Melissa Lynn is his dream woman. See, Ben has a girlfriend, but she is young & doesn’t really know sex well. Therefore, she is not able to please him with the confidence that is important to a good sex life.

Ben follows the instructions, and goes upstairs. He finds Melissa in the shower, washing down her sexy body. She presses her hot boobs on the glass to tempt him more. Melissa pulls Ben by his hard cock into the shower for some true fun.

Date: May 30, 2018
Actors: Melissa Lynn

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