Kendra Lust Kendra’s Workout


    Kendra Lust is one of the sexy MILF stepmoms around. Much of that is because anyone who knows her knows she commits to amazing fitness. Kendra is a woman who has some of the sexiest muscle tone of anyone in the porn industry. Today, she is trying to get her daily workout in when her stepson shows up. He wants to work out with her, but just doesn’t have the stamina to hang in with his stepmom. However, Kendra knows that he has a huge cock to work with. Somehow, when he has sex with his girlfriend, he is able to keep it up for a relatively long time. She loves this & with her husband away, she will take advantage of whipping her stepson into the best sex shape possible. Watch the scene Kendra Lust Kendra’s Workout here at Forbidden Playground XXX MILF Porn.

    Check out Kendra Lust Kendra’s Workout here at Forbidden Playground XXX MILF Porn.

    Kendra Lust is definitely used to getting interesting looks for men & women both when she is working out. Her body is amazingly fit and she has a very sexual personality. It is one that will make any guy or woman just ready to have some crazy sex. However, her stepson is the eye of her attraction today. These two have some great action together, leading to him being pushed to her sexual limits. After a few different sex positions, the young guy has no choice but to blow a huge load all over Kendra. Sex is one of the best calorie burners out there – and Kendra Lust proves why.

    See Kendra Lust Kendra’s Workout now at Forbidden Playground XXX MILF Porn.

    Date: October 8, 2018
    Actors: Kendra Lust

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