Angel Wicky My Boss Gets Off

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Angel Wicky is the executive of a company on the rise. Along with being an amazing executive, she is absolutely gorgeous. This CEO has a great ass, huge boobs & is definitely ready for some office sex. She loves some good, sneaky office sex so much that there is always a dildo in her drawer. At certain times of the day, she closes off the office to herself to get off for at least a half hour. Angel loves to do this after she has caused a headache for an employee under her. What happens when young employee Danny D catches her getting off during her sacred time? See now in Angel Wicky My BossĀ  Gets Off available now at Forbidden Playground XXX.

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Angel gives Danny a lecture about how she wants someone to take initiative in the company. She hates the complaining about the work & pay, and its time for someone to step up. She sends Danny out of the office quickly so she can mount her dildo. However, Danny comes back in forcefully to show her he can be that leader & walks in on her. Angel is going at it with the dildo hard, and Danny pretty much as no choice but to give her the dick she truly needs. When Danny comes in, he catches Angel in squirt mode & finishes the job on her. Angel makes sure to get Danny paid a bit more & quiet about the secret office affair. See the scene Angel Wicky My Boss Gets Off now at Forbidden Playground XXX.
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