Ava Addams Vacay Lay

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Hot MILF Ava Addams Needs Time Away - Ava Addams Vacay Lay

Ava Addams needs a break right now. She has been working in corporate America for a while & hasn't taken a vacation. She does an amazing job at work, moving up in her firm to a top position. Home life is solid, but right now, it is just her & her husband. They have had stress at work in their respective firms lately. That stress has led to stupid arguments & things said that makes Ava reevaluate where their relationship is. Ava knows that a getaway needs to happen, but she needs that getaway to be alone. She goes online to see what kind of deals are available. Ava goes through a travel website to find out what kind of flights & resorts are offering good rates. At first, she couldn't find any for the time of year she wants to go. It is the busiest time of the year & Ava doesn't want to pay top price for a little quick getaway.

Ava Addams Vacation Sex

She calls up her best friend, who is a travel agent & also is a parent of a kid who is the age of her oldest son, who is away at college. She & the best friend have a great chemistry, however, she did have sex with her son one day when she was at work. That's not important though......it is about Ava Addams having some time to herself for a few days. Julia calls her back & gets Ava a great deal. Ava tells her to book it, and she is off to the islands. Her husband is a bit confused as to why she needs this time away. Ava lets him know that she just needs a mental break, and life is becoming a bit too much right now. He says ok, and Ava is on her way. It is definitely time for some Ava Addams vacation sex. The trip is all set. Ava Addams is getting her time away. She finds a special dating site for the area she is vacationing in. She comes across an incredibly hot guy who she chats with in private. When Ava lands on the island, the guy picks her up in his amazing car. They go for drinks at a local bar in the area. After that, things get interesting & fun. They go back to her condo resort, and immediately the sexual tension gets hot. The sex is amazing, and it will keep happening all weekend. Ava Addams feels her stresses, for a few days, are gone. See more here at Forbidden Playground XXX MILF Porn.
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