Brandi Love, Bella Rose, Brad Knight - Wedding Day Sex

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Hot MILF Brandi Love overheard her soon-to-be stepdaughter Bella Rose arguing with her boyfriend Brad Knight while she was getting dressed for her wedding. She was finally going to get married to Bella's dad and was understandably nervous. Brad was trying to convince Bella to have a quickie right before the ceremony started. Bella, staying classy, thought it was poor taste. However, we all know that Brandi Love wedding day sex is epic. Whether youre the husband, or the stepson.

New Stepmom Brandi Love To Brad's Rescue - Time For Hot Wedding Day Sex

Brad did his best to convince her for a few minutes.  He figured she would follow him into the guest room if he took the initiative. As he was making his way into the guest room Brandi grabbed him and dragged him into her room. He was  shocked seeing his girlfriend's soon to be stepmom stripped down to a lingerie and aggressively coming on to him. No matter what situation the guy is in, when Brandi comes in, its hard to resist. Brandi looked smoking hot and they were both horny as hell! Brad was ready and willing to fuck and Brandi just wanted one last fling before she finally got hitched. Bella caught them red handed when she finally decided to please her boyfriend. She was super pissed but she always had a thing for her Brandi also and eventually figured it would make a great wedding gift for her new Stepmom. Getting caught by Bella's dad is a whole other story. These three ended up having a tremendous sex scene. Even though its Brandi's wedding day, she taught Brad & Bella some hot sex tricks to use. Brandi thought about the fact that being married now means she gets easier access to these two. Sex with her man is good, but Brad & Bella had some great youth to them that her new hubby just doesn't have.
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