Brooklyn Chase - Sex With Future Stepmom

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Hot MILF Brooklyn Chase is getting married today. However, she gets spied on as puts on her wedding dress. The person spying is her future stepson. At first, Brooklyn is a bit taken back by the boldness of the young man. After thinking a second, she invites him in for one more hot fuck before marriage. She has been checking out her stepson for a while, and is incredibly horny. Ever since she got engaged, she knows having random sex with her stepson is a huge perk. See this hot guy have sex with future stepmom Brooklyn Chase here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Sex With Future Stepmom - Brooklyn Chase - Bangbros - Forbidden Playground XXX

There are only a few hours before the wedding, so Brooklyn invites him in. She tells her bridesmaids to stand watch outside & not let anyone in. They know how hot her fiance's son is & want her to be happy. Plus, Brooklyn will be trying him out so they can have a piece of him when she is married & off the market.  These two start by having Brooklyn give him a hot blowjob, taking in his massive rod - almost swallowing the whole shaft. She instructs him to start giving her the dick hard. Her fiance almost catches them but the bridesmaids get in the way & remind him that the bride is not to be seen before the wedding & escort him away. They have sex in almost every position possible. The sex is so amazing that Brooklyn is almost late for the wedding. As she walks down the aisle, she has a bit of a limp & looks sore. Wonder why?  
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