Georgie Lyall, Danny D - Sample My Snatch

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Sexy blonde Georgie Lyall is an interior decorator who has ulterior motives. She is decorating the house of Danny D, and they have grown close during the process of the decorating. Danny is excited about his future with his wife, but his sex life is lacking with the house being redone. He confides in Georgie that no sex is driving him crazy, and lucky for him, Georgie thinks he's hot. See what happens when Georgie explains that he wants Danny to "sample my snatch" here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Georgie Lyall Tells Danny D To Sample My Snatch While Wife Is Gone

When Danny's wife goes away to work, Georgie comes on to Danny hard. She knows that Danny sneaks looks at her when he knows his wife isn't looking. Georgie has amazing breasts & an ass to die for. All Danny can focus on is sticking his cock deep in her holes again & again. When he is having sex with his wife, he imagines Georgie fucking the daylights out of him each time. Today is the the day the fantasy come true. Georgie & Danny get it on hot & heavy. She lets him know that she only wants sex & he has a huge cock. Danny is fine with that & they realize they have hot sexual chemistry. They go for a while & both cum & cleanup before the wife ever knows a thing. See more of Sample My Snatch at Forbidden Playground XXX when it is released on March 5.
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