Mandy Flores Anal Sex Morning After

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Hot MILF Mandy Flores had a long night last night. She took some huge, hard cock for hours from her stepson. She was fucked every which way possible, and she's feeling it this morning. Before she leaves out, Mandy & her stepson want to have one more hot fuck session.  

Mandy Flores Anal Sex The Morning After

When they are laying in bed talking about their hot night, Mandy wants more sex. However, her pussy is so sore & ravaged from getting pounded the night before. She had a bit of a small hangover from having drinks before hand. Today, her stepson mentioned that his dad wasn't coming home for a while. This gives just enough time for Mandy to get some anal sex from her hung stepson. They tease each other a bit, but it was clearly time to get right into the action. Mandy makes sure her stepson was good & hard before hand. They get some good head in, and this hot MILF plays with her ass some more. She wanted to make sure that sexy, thick ass was ready to take some hard, thick cock. Mandy dreamed about this for a while, but she didn't think it would be happening right after a hard pussy pounding. Either way, she is tough enough to take it. Mandy proceeds to take some hard anal sex for over 30 minutes. There were a few times when she thought it was a bit on the painful side, but her stepson made sure everything was working out. He changed rhythms several times, and her ass was so incredibly tight. His dad definitely doesn't have the ability to give Mandy the dick the way he can. The stepson keeps worrying about his dad coming back, however, the longer the sex continued, the better it would be for him to relax & keep the pressure up. See this whole scene now at Forbidden Playground XXX.
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