Pot O'Dongs Eva Notty, Carolina Sweets

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Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! Everyone's favorite leprechaun Carolina Sweets is trying to steal some of hot MILF Eva Notty's sex toys for her fun pot. Eva will do whatever it takes to catch her in the act. However, leprechauns are pretty quick & sneaky sometimes. It might be some work to truly catch them in action. See what happens in the Pot O'Dongs lesbian MILF scene here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Pot O'Dongs St. Patricks Day Lesbian Sex - MILF Eva Notty & Carolina Sweets

Eva finally catches Carolina with a ton of sex toys in her basket. She punishes her by tossing her around a bit, letting her know who's boss. Carolina won't be trying to get away with stealing again. However, because Eva caught her, Carolina must grant her one wish. In culture, if a sexy leprechaun is caught, one amazing wish is granted no matter what. What could that be? In this scene, it turns out to be hot lesbian sex. Turns out Eva wants more sex because she has been in a drought lately. Carolina gives her the wish & this lesbian sex scene is incredibly hot. Turns out that luck of the Irish is strong in the bedroom. See the Pot O'Dongs scene featuring Eva Notty & Carolina Sweets on this St. Patricks Day here at Forbidden Playground XXX.
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