Pure Mature - Lisa Ann Seduces Poolboy

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Hot MILF Lisa Ann is hanging out by the pool in a hot bikini. She notices that her poolboy is doing a great job. Lisa calls him over & lets him know how good he's doing. Along with that, she also lets him know he's doing an amazing job with the pool. Little did he know that was code for he had a body.

Lisa Ann Seduces Hot Poolboy

Lisa Ann makes sure to put it out there that she wants the poolboy. She put on an even hotter bikini that does a great job showing off her massive tits & ass. The poor guy just couldn't resist this hot woman. He had just gotten out of a relationship so he needed that nice release. Lisa took the guy inside, and had his way with him. The two practiced a variety of different sex positions. Lisa definitely got some great sexual satisfaction in this encounter. The guy made sure that when he comes back, he will definitely work hard for that sex bonus.
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