Sarah Vandella - Sarah Fucks The Student

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Juan is having a tough time playing the flute. It isn't an activity that comes natural for him. He is trying music for the first time due to his parents wanting him to be involved in different activities outside of just TV. The parents have been having meetings with his teacher, Sarah Vandella, about his lack of progress. Sarah is trying everything to get him to learn & focus a bit more on his practicing. She asks the parents if he is focusing well at home & the parents say no. The only thing that could be left in order to get Juan better at the flute is sex. Sarah fucks the student in this Bangbros scene here at Forbidden Playground XXX.

Sarah Fucks The Student To Help Him Focus - Sarah Vandella - Forbidden Playground XXX

In order to get Juan to relax a bit, Sarah tries some different techniques. Some of the techniques she uses normally doesn't work in the world of teaching, but at this point, its about getting the job done. If Juan doesn't get better with learning the flute, his parents may pull him out of her class, which can hurt her overall pay. Sarah keeps Juan after class one day. She lets his parents know that she is going to work some extra time with him. What she doesn't tell the parents is that she has a feeling of why Juan can't focus. She catches him focusing on her huge tits & amazing ass in class. When she is showing off the skills on the flute, she believes Juan pictures her giving him a blowjob. Recently, he has been getting massive hardons in class & trying to hide them. Sarah can tell & just files those images away in her memory bank. Sarah Vandella makes Juan play the flute, but this day, she opens her legs to see if he can focus. She gets him incredibly hard & ready for some amazing sex. She thinks she has made a breakthrough in working with her prized hot pupil.

Sarah Fucks The Student & Makes Sexual Breakthrough To Juan - And His Cock

This sexy MILF teacher makes Juan fuck her pussy with the flute. One of her hot fantasies, even before becoming a teacher, was taking a big, long flute in her tight pussy from one of her students. When at home, Sarah uses her instruments as hot sex toys. She hasn't been getting as much dick as she would like. Her boyfriend broke up with her & she has been focusing her time solely on her students. Well, her one student that she knows has a massive cock. Sarah understands that Juan has the penis that can please her in ways she couldn't imagine before. The problem has always been finding the time & opportunity to get him alone for some fun. Today, she is taking advantage of this golden opportunity. These two end up having as great of sex as Sarah imagined. After this experience, she finally realized that sex is the reason Juan can't focus. They make sure to get extra time in every day after school now. See this full scene now at Forbidden Playground XXX.  
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